Toms River Teeth Cleaning

Toms River Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive Care in Toms River

Good teeth will last a lifetime and the way to continue to have good teeth is through a comprehensive program of proper dental care. At Lakehurst Dental we believe that good dental health involves more than just brushing your teeth or an annual trip to the dentist, it is a concerted effort between the patient and our dental practice to keep your mouth in top shape. It all starts with the first time you come into our office, our caring staff will take the time to get to know you and our doctor will discuss your oral health and answer all your concerns. The initial comprehensive checkup will form a baseline upon which to track any changes in your mouth over time and a Toms River teeth cleaning to get rid of all the accumulated debris. Radiographs will help diagnose any problems in your teeth, gums, mouth structure or jaw.

Our practice has developed a preventative program that incorporates home care with the care given in our office. Our hygienists will discuss the proper techniques for daily mouth care including brushing, flossing and the use of dental rinses. Our practice recommends semi-annual dental Toms River teeth cleaning to assist the home maintenance regiment in making sure teeth are free of plaque and tartar. During these cleanings our hygienist will scrape the plaque and tartar from around and between the teeth as well as along the gum line. Even the most vigorous regular brushing and flossing cannot remove all this built up debris, which if left alone can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. For our younger patients our doctor recommends the use of sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of the back teeth and fluoride treatments to help strengthen the enamel.

Our dentist stresses the need for regular checkups to help prevent any serious tooth conditions from arising. Decay can begin without warning and can seriously affect teeth before any symptoms are felt. The same is true for gum disease or the sudden appearance of cracks or chips in the teeth. Regular checkups at our office can detect these problems at an early stage and correct them before they impact the teeth adversely. So start your mouth on a dental health program with Toms River teeth cleaning that will have you smiling for life by contacting our office.

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