Toms River dental exams for kids

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Kids dentist in Toms River

Do you have a little one who hates going to the dentist more than anything? You are not alone; in fact, it’s a common trope when we talk about our kids and is something we consider as being a matter of fact. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Lakehurst Dental asked that same question many years ago and has been doing it a little differently ever since. For this kids dentist in Toms River, dental hygiene is not about the destination but the journey.

Kids dentist in Toms River

When it comes to children’s dental care, our practice at Lakehurst Dental understands that if a child is going to make a lifelong practice of good oral health, they can’t be afraid of coming in to the dentist’s office for examinations! Our strategy is multi-pronged; it all starts with lightening the mood and giving kid useful fun packets before their examinations, which shows them fun games and cartoons that stress the importance of superior dental health. They also have the time to play in our waiting room with other children in an attempt to help them understand that their local kids dentist in Toms River is a fun, safe community member who’s on their side. This is also a useful tool considering they get the chance to talk to other kids about their oral anxieties and realize they are not alone in this regard. The dental exam itself is done as quickly and seamlessly as possible, all while our dedicated specialists keep them distracted with friendly and informative discussions about their teeth, and their day-to-day life. By being gentle and kind, our specialists can help diagnose and treat your child’s dental problems while teaching them how to avoid dental issues in the future.

Lakehurst Dental understands that preventative dentistry is a difficult task when it comes to children, but we’re more than up for the challenge. Our kids dentist in Toms River understands how to treat and comfort children, setting the stage for years of healthy dental hygiene to come.