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Toms River Children’s Dentist

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Your baby’s new teeth in Toms River

Have your baby’s new teeth started to grow in? Even if they haven’t, it’s never too early to begin a routine of good oral hygiene. Here at Lakehurst Dental, we’re with you every step of the way, from the first baby tooth to the eruption of his or her full set of adult teeth and beyond.

It is usually around 4 to 7 months of age when you can expect your baby to get her or his first teeth, but it may be different based on the individual. Until that day arrives, be sure to wipe your baby’s gums after feedings. Use a soft cloth that is moist with warm water, or another sanitary item with similar properties. Wipe gently, but firmly enough to clean your little one’s gums effectively. Once baby teeth come in, he or she will start chewing. Later on, as she or he starts talking, it is those teeth that assist in developing proper speech. Our Toms River children’s dentist should be part of the equation from the time that the first tooth comes in. Six month dental exams and eventual teeth cleanings are supplemented with support in the form of providing the advice you need when it comes to issues that range from teething to nutrition, and more. At the age of two, or in that general time frame, you should being to brush your child’s teeth with toothpaste. Proper technique is key to achieve the best possible results, so let our Toms River children’s dentist show you how. The goal is to make cavities and gum disease infrequent outcomes in your child’s life.

You can depend on our Toms River children’s dentist from the very start. So please contact our office and we will set up a time for you to come in with her or him for the very first time.

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